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Air compressor

1.The great intelligent control system can realize continuous work for 24 hours and be unattended.

     2.Self-alarm device can realize self-protection for every minute and remote control and multi-machine interaction.

     3.LCD make the operation easily and performance clearly.

     4.The design concept of compactness and economy make the structure more precise,The concept of functional integration and Energy and environment conservation make the maintenance more convenient,quickly and economic.

     5.The lowest vibration and noise reduction technology,it is unnecessary to place the base for it ,then enhance the compressor’s feasibility,the ideal choice for all kinds of terrains.



Air End

No vibration and low noise interpret perfectly the genuine made in Germany. Big rotor, low speed of rotation and direct connection.


Rotors are asymmetric in profile, backed up by ball bearings and roller bearings. Operates at a low speed, thereby low in abrasion and maintenance expenses, air end is long service life. Helical gears can produce axial force to kill some acting force, which reduces the load of the bearing of air end.

Control panel

Intelligent microcomputer-based control technology can monitor and control in all aspects the complete machine following your instructions, remote control realizes unattended operation, and the user-friendly human-machine interface displays instructions and parameters in written form also, it can function to self diagnose faults, give warning and automatically regulate the capacity.

Oil filter

Rotary filters are applied to completely remove the impurities in the lubricating oil, easy to replace and free of oil impregnate.


It is designed for low temperature difference to increase heat exchange area, and ideal to be applied to high-humidity operating environment.


First-class motors are adopted, with the level of protection being IP54 and insulation level being F.

Acoustic enclosure

It is designed into fully-closed mute box, in which sound-absorbing sponge are attached for effective absorption of noise 3-5DB (A) lower than that made by the compressors of the same kind. It is reasonably structured overall and very easy to maintain and repair





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