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PE、PP、ABS Thick Board Production Line


PP Thick Plate Extrusion Line PP thick plate, reinforced PP plate (3-30mm) has the features of hygiene, low density, good erosion resistance, heat resistance and can be used in the high temperature. It is the environmental protection product and it is being widely used in the chemistry industry, food industry, anti-erosion industry, purify industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry.

PE Thick Plate Extrusion Line
PE plate (3-25mm) can be divided into LDPE and HDPE plate. PE plate has the features of nontoxic, smooth surface, erosion resistance, good insulation. It is being widely used in the chemistry and electric power industries. HDPE plate is the engineering plastic which can be used in the mechanical and chemical equipments, and HDPE plate is being used in the wall of the skiing field.

ABS Thick Plate Extrusion Line ABS thick plate and embossing plate (1-20mm). ABS plate has the features of high impact, heat resistance, flexibility, smooth surface and can be processed. It is being widely used in the home appliance, electronics, packaging, medical appliance. ABS embossing plate is made from the ABS plate, and ABS embossing plate is elegance in appearance and it is being used in the inside of the car decoration and door plate.





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