1. Objective
2. Specifications
3. Description of requirements, operation
4. Technical specification, scope of supply
5. Special specification for the machine
6. Technical information and documentation
7. Preliminary testing
8. Final testing
9. Commissioning and training
10. Price, terms of payment, and delivery time


Training to the customer & customer’s personnel is imparted at the testing & trial period at your factory and also at the customers place during the erection time of the plant by our engineers.
Technical Support:
Technical support includes maintenance of the plant & selection and combination of the particular polymers is readily available with our customer care engineers. Process problems, maintenance, operatives related solutions are available in the manual given with the plant.
Spare part:
The whole range of parts of the plant supplied by JBD is available at ready stock at our works & it can be dispatched shortly to the customer locations subject to commercial formatting & requirement has been cleared. Free in the warranty period.
Our plant manuals are delivered to the customers with the plant. These manual includes information on electrical circuit diagram, pneumatic circuit diagram, lubrication chart, major operational instructions, part lists, all details about brought out items like electric motor, gear boxes etc.

We have strong technical strength, sophisticated production technology, production experience and testing equipment. From R & D, production, sale, installation and commissioning, after-sales service has a set of science and rigorous quality management system which win trust and praise from the clients. Products are exported to C.I.S., South Asia, Middle-East, Africa, Australia and South America etc.

Our main products: PE Water Supply Pipe/Gas Pipe/Oil Pipe/Heat Preservation Pipe Production Line   ·PVC/UPVC/CPVC Pipe Production Line   ·PP-R、PP、PE、PE-RT、PE-X、PB Single-Layer Or Multi-Layer Pipe Production Line   ·PE/PVC Single/Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line   ·PE Silicon Core Pine And Multi-Layer Pipe Production Line   ·PE Carbon Spiral Reinforcing Pipe Production Line   ·PVC Fiber Enhancing Soft Production Line   ·PVC/PE Multi-Hole Pipe Twin Pipe Multi-Pipe Production Line   ·HDPE Large-Diameter Hollowness Wall Winding Pipe Production Line  
EPE Foamed Sheet/Film Production Line   ·PVC/EVA、PE/TPO Mono or Multi Layer Sheet Production Line   ·PE,PP,ABS ,PS,PMMA,ASA,HIPS Mono or Multi Layer Sheet Production Line   ·PE、PP、ABS Thick Board Production Line   ·PC Solid,PMMA,PS,MS Transparent Sheet Production Line   ·PE、PP、PC Corrugated Sheet Production Line   ·PVC Mono or Multi Layer Sheet,Free Foamed Sheet Production Line   ·APET、PETG、CPET Mono or Multi Layer Sheet Production Line   ·PVC(Wood Plastic) Crust Foam Board Production Line   ·XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Extrusion Production Line   ·PVC and Wood(Foamed) Panel Production Line   ·PE、PP+ Wood Board(Building Board)Production Line  
PET Packing Belt Production Line    ·Plastic Cushion Mat Extrusion Line    ·PC,PP,PVC,UPVC Wavy Board,Glazed Tile Production Line   ·PVC、ASA、PMMA、PVC Co-Extrusion Siding Plate Production Line   ·Wood-Plastic Profile Extrusion Line  


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