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Delivery 600mm-3000mm Spiral Pipe Threading Machine to Belarus


The machine uses the two ends of the winding pipe of the rectangular tube to cut the surface plane plastic layer at both ends of the pipe, to make the spiral tendon strip, then used to achieve thread processing. Each end of the pipe is processed to get the outer surface and obtains the external thread. The other end is processed in the inner surface to obtain the internal thread. This can realize the thread connection of two pipes.

2. Machine parameters

1) Suitable diameter 600mm-3000mm, and the length of the pipe 6m-20 m.

2) Thread processing part

Cutting motor: 3KW* 2 units

Thread processing feeding: pneumatic knife feeding, with a limited roller to ensure the depth of the thread processing.

3) Pipe rotating part: 3 groups

Speed adjustment.

Supporing rollers: 6 pcs chrome rollers

Two groups of transmission racks can move the guide rail movement to meet the processing needed of different length pipes.

4) Electric requirements: Delta inverter, Schneider low -voltage electrical appliances.